Monday, July 18, 2005

The true cost of air travel.

Air travel is the most environmentally destructive activity most people will ever take part in. I`m currently researching the topic thoroughly but in the mean time the following reportsby the Environmental Audit committee(EAC) may be of interest. The EAC is the group of MPs chosen by all the political parties on a proportional basis (i.e roughly half the members are labour as labour has roughly half the seats). The EAC has the job of holding the government to account on environmental issues.

Climate Change is increasingly gaining the position on the political agenda it deserves, however there is a lot of rhetoric and apparently little political will to tackle sensitive issues such as limiting the growth of aviation.

These reports over the period of around a year show how the government is managing to talk green and indeed act green in some areas but is going to miss all its longterm targets due to lack of action on aviation emissions.

Budget 2003 and Aviation
Pre-Budget Report 2003: Aviation Follow-up
Aviation: Sustainability and the Government Response
Aviation: Sustainability and the Government's second response

A letter i wrote a while back based on thesese reports and others:

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Climate Change Action

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