Thursday, August 18, 2005

Biomass as a fuel : Update

Just a quick update to say I haven't forgotten about my blog. My next article will be (as mentioned earlier) on the potential of biofuels in reducing carbon emissions, and preventing climate change. I have read three rather lengthy reports on biomass so far and once I have finished the forth I will be in a position to give my opinion on the subject.

The reports I am reading are:

Carbon and energy balances for a range of biofuel options. By the resources research unit of Sheffield Hallam university for the department of trade and industry in the UK.

Liquid biofuels-prospects and potential impacts on UK agriculture, the farmed environment, landscape and rural economy. A internal department report for UK environment department, DEFRA by the Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton, York.

Liquid biofuels-industry support, cost of carbon savings and agricultural implications. For DEFRA by ADAS, Ecofys and Central Science Laboratory.

Environment Food and Rural Affairs select committee report on biofuels.

I`m sure many of you have noticed the enormous amount of press coverage focused on a study by a guy called 'Pimentel', I`m not going to argue against his work specifically but am convinced of it's flaws from the reading I have done so far, for a detailed rebuttal of his work please see A and(or) B.

This guys work came out at around the time of the US energy bill and I`m sure the impact due to the subsidies in the bill for bio-ethanol was well anticipated.

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