Friday, September 02, 2005

My London Trip and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

In an ideal world this post wouldn't exist, I would be posting a new article on the relative importance of design/energy efficiency vs micro generation. The world isn't perfect: I lost all my notes on energy efficiency and alternative power sources when I was down in London I also lost a book on micro-credit I bought from the IIED book shop (Damn that's annoying!). My books on energy efficiency and green building haven't arrived (almost as annoying). On the positive side I do have info on the prices of 1. Solar cells 2. Small scale wind 3. Solar panels 4. Heat exchange systems for cooling/heating with ground heat. I want my regular readers to find interesting articles here weekly basis so its worth subscribing/checking regularly. I will try an make the delay as short as possible, and I`m looking at my next article already so I can get the materials organised.

On the positive side I had a great time down at the launch of "Stop Climate Chaos". This is a campaign of unprecedented breadth, 17 organizations working together on Climate Change. Sign the petition: Tell Prime Minister Blair to Produce the action, he has the words but 'the Word is not enough'!

The launch was covered by numerous media sources including:
The (good old) guardian
The Scotsman
The breakthrough required however is that of large scale tabloid coverage, as these papers are the
largest selling in the UK. We need climate change to bee a popularist issue with the same, or greater, level of public participation as the anti-Vietnam or anti-nuclear campaigns.

Climate Change Action

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