Sunday, September 11, 2005

An Update

My next article is going to be about the basic science of climate change and the current thinking on how much carbon this would be equal to on a per capital annual basis. I will try to answer these questions, amongst others.
1. What causes global warming: how do we know the observed warming isn't a caused by natural effects?
2. How variable is climate usually and what impact will the predicted future climate change have on the planet and the people?
3. From a consideration of the impacts, what level of warming would be acceptable and how much carbon could we emit for a warming no greater than this to occur.
4. Given that we have this much carbon allowance between 6 billion people, what is a reasonable per capita level of emissions?
5. Following a framework of contraction and convergence, what does this suggest about the level of UK emissions cuts required?
6. How does this compare to the recommendations made by the RCEP and how does this 'stack up' against the UK governments commitment on carbon reductions?

This Article is going to be published on my blog, as always. I am however writing it as the result of a request by Ben from I have also recently become a contributor to Radical Noesis so the article will be posted there. Finally it fits in nicely with my need for a presentation to give to MPs on the importance of action on climate change and will probably form the outline of that presentation.

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Climate Change Action

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