Sunday, October 30, 2005

Carbon Capture and Storage; Ben and Jerrys Climate College; The Campaign against Climate Change.

Been busy with my ben and jerrys application so the blog has been taking a back seat, I`m about to start reading for my next article on Carbon Capture and Storage which I should be writing within the next couple of days.

I`m also adding a set of links related to the Campaign against Climate Change at the side of the page.

CCC-Aberdeen is holding an event for the 23rd Nov at the Arts Center in Aberdeen: Climate Change, Poverty and War. I`ve been having problems getting a speaker from the development NGOs but spoke to Penny last week and she provided a couple of suggestions, local organisations who may be more able to attend an Aberdeen event, I will be following this up on Monday.

Finally, I think there is going to be an article in the Daily Express about my ben and jerrys application, the impacts of climate change on the Cairngorms and hopefully also a mention of the campaign against climate change.

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At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps if we stop wasting money on mass immigration we can put it to better use as in renewable energy projects. Britain will be awash with more cars and every ounce of available land will be built apon. London has already seen its council waiting list rise by 100,000 in the last 4 years, almost all caused by immigration. We should allow our population to drop and level out as it would then we should embark on a total wind wave bio energy fuel programme
Something that the BNP want to do.


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