Friday, June 23, 2006

Pole to Pole Leadership

We (at Campaign against Climate Change) just had a visit from Ammanda Gomm of Pole to Pole Leadership. The meeting started from quite a broad brief, Ammanda, who is from Canada came by to 'touch base' and let us know about what the group is upto, which it turns out is a very interesting project.

The project has taken around three years to organise, the details are on their very nice website but the main points are:

1. There is going to be a trek from the north pole to the south pole; this journey will be completed by atleast 3 people but far more will be involved in the two legs of the journey to Mt Kilamanjaro and onward from Mt Kilamanjaro.

2. The journey will be frequently paused or diverted into local projects and there will be a great deal of activist training and motivation for local youth groups.

The expidition is a great mechanism to motivate activists and to build a movement around; sounds like a very exciting idea.
They still looking for UK applicants so if you live in the UK and want one hell of an adventure then check ou the website and fill in the application form.

Climate Change Action

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