Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blair and Schwarzenegger enter climate change pact.

Today Tony Blair did what we in the UK have been asking of him for years, he threw up his hands, cursed and gave up on the whitehouse.

Blair attended a long arranged climate summit in California with Gov. Schwarzenegger and without any representation from the whitehouse. Finally the blatantly clear was exposed for all to see. The real action is going on at the state level, this is where we must work untill the Bush Junta are out of the whitehouse and rational policy can replace paid for intransigence.

The details where pretty thin. The words where good though, and lets not under-estimate what efect the 4th and 8th largest economies in the world saying this will have:

"We are collaborating on a long term challenge that Prime Minister Tony Blair has correctly called the single most important issue that we face as a global community."

I occasionally feel like defending my views from accusations of socialism/eco-extremism, this is basically becase socialists tend to dislike my views and eco-extremists are straw men. I`m a pragmatist with an objective view on our situation and if this means i should be labelled then i need to be labbled along with the following participants of this recent round table on climate change.

From Lord Browne

"I think from the business leaders' viewpoint there is no disagreement that
climate change is something which requires action to be taken; and secondly, that there are actions that can be taken."

Lord John Browne, CEO, BP;
Charles O. Holliday Jr., CEO, DuPont;
Sir Richard Branson, CEO, Virgin Group;
Sergey Brin, Founder, Google;
John Bryson, CEO, Edison International;
Jacques Dubois, Swiss Re;
Dan Hendrix, Interface;
Michael Morris, AEP;
James Murdoch, British Sky Broadcasting;
Anthony Pratt, Pratt Industries/Visy;
Tom King, PG&E;
Jeff Swartz, Timberland;
Tracy Wolstencroft, Goldman Sachs;
Rick Lazio, JP Morgan Chase, and others.

This event created a fair amount of interest in the blogosphere some of the posts are:
Fuelture (TM), Krioma.Net, WiredBlogs, TerraBlog, DeSmogBlog


Climate Change Action

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