Sunday, September 03, 2006

Climate Change Action: A Resource for Undercover Police?

Ok so now I know the purpose of this give undercover police something to mindfuck me with!

Ok so brief recap, I was just off at the camp for climate action, not everything that happened at the camp was strichtly legal. For this reason, and other more philisophical ones, some people where uneasy with the prospect of having police on the site. The police weren't entirely happy with having an autonous region within the UK whatever the motivation for this autonomy. This discontent manifested itself as a 6ft3, shaved head police officer claiming links to rising tide london and campaign against climate change.

Superficially he wasn't likely to be just another activist because of:
1. The fact he arrived after the action; why oh why would you do that?
2. The fact that he didn't fit any hippy stereotypes and was actually at the other end of several spectra of attitude/appearence.

More direct problems:
1. He didn't seem to have a purpose on site.
2. He didn't know anyone (most of use mix in smallish circles and know >12 people)
3. He claimed involvement in rising tide, rising tide people denied this.
4. He claimed that he helped steward a meeting that i was involved with on june 3rd he named the speakers at the meeting this must have been off this blog...the only other steward at the meeting that i chaired was Sarah J.

Hello to the Met, get yourself a more convincing undercover officer!


Climate Change Action

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