Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Speaking of climate skeptics...?

Is not something I usually do. I shared my thought with Jeff at Sustainablog and thought that I would explain this stance to my blog readers aswell. Here is my comment:

In reply to this post.

Hi Jeff,

Just a few thought on climate skeptics.

First off there are several kinds of 'skeptics'. 1. It isn't happening, 2. It is but its not human caused (or its good)3. Its bad but to expensive (e.g lets spend on development), 4. It is and its disasterous but its to late to act.

None of these arguments hold and none of them can be beaten with logic.

The people to take on these messages are comedians, marketers, artists etc., and they are to be taken on with creative media not with acute arguments.

I am personally not perticularly creative but realise the irationality of taking on ideology with rationality. If someone genuinely dosent know all the facts then I do my best to explain and contextualise the issue.

I do not however take on skeptics and I wonder if you would reconsider your approach to this?

1. We do not have time.
2. We do not have the energy to waste.
3. Progress and examples of action argue far more strongly than an acurate critique.

Best Wishes. Calvin.

p.s I found a very interesting video on presenting climate change, a topic that I wish more green blogers would take on.


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At 3:04 AM, Blogger Jeff McIntire-Strasburg said...

Calvin -- I just responded to your comment at sustainablog -- I'll repost it here:

Calvin -- To a large degree, I think you're right. The poll numbers in the US suggest that, by and large, the climate change skeptics aren't getting through. Still, this is a complex topic, and the waters are easily muddied. I'm not going to devote significant space and energy to the skeptics, but every once in a while, we've got to demonstrate that the science is solid and overwhelming. I think people who buy the skeptic's arguments deserve to hear the evidence... otherwise, we're playing into the notion that we're all elitists..

I think there may be some differences between the climate of the discussion in Europe and the US. We're getting the message through here, but it's got a lot of noise competing with it...


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