Sunday, February 11, 2007

Planning a Book For This Year's Climate Camp

Last year the Camp for Climate Action was accompanied by a superb book. This year, there will be another one and I am helping to produce it.

The first question in planning the book would be to decide on what it's purpose is and then to try and produce an outline that contributes towards this aim.

Our purpose is clear, to contribute to the fight against climate change.

The aims of the camp for climate action guide us futher, here are the aims and my take on each.
  • education

Knoledge to make smart decissions and to succede in campaigns, personal choices and in choosing the fights we wish to pick.

  • direct action

Pressure policy makers, inspire activists and cause the wider public to stop and think.

  • sustainable living

Be the change; make a real personal contributions and inspire the vast number of others not directly involved to take a few steps in the same direction.

My thoughts on where this leads us are included in this pdf with futher clarification provided in this mp3.

If you are interested in either helping to plan this book or in contributing then please send an email with your suggestions to climatecampbook[at] . This is currently invite only to view the discussions but anyone can post messages. And i`ll add you if you request this.

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