Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Report of the Week: Proceedings of the International Conference on Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change

Interested in looking beyond the western perspective on climate change?

A recent conference on 'Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change' looks at the challenges we face due to commited emissions so far. Since Kyoto emissions have only increased, weather we like it or not adaptation is going to be a key concern in the developig world over the comming century and if there are going to be deals on mitigation the the global north is going to have to take on much of that financial burden.

These conference proceedings summarize the intensive
discussions held in New Delhi (January 5-7, 2006) on Adaptation to Climatic Variability and Change. The conference, which was financed by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and organized jointly by the Institute
for Social and Environmental Transition (ISET) and Winrock International India (WII), brought together a unique set of participants that included high-level governmental decision-makers, development organizations, physical and social
scientists, and field practitioners. While presenters spoke in their individual capacity rather than as representatives of organizations or governments, they brought a wealth of perspectives and practical experience to the meeting.
More on the challenges of adapting to climate change here.

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