Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Climate Change is A Problem...So We Need Nuclear Power?

The UK government has talked tough and done little on climate change. Now it seems determined to ramrod through a new generation of nuclear power plants, does this mean that it is finally getting serious or that it continues to ignore the advice of energy analysts on how we can affordably build a low carbon energy system in the UK?

Nuclear power is such an emotive topic that it is very difficult to find information that you can trust. It seems likely to me that Greenpeace and other environmental groups would be dead against it from the start, it also seems obvious that the nuclear power industry would be funding it's own research with its own frames for reference.

Perhaps the business community and academia can be of assistance, particularly those concerned with energy policy and therefore independent, rather than those doing nuclear power research and therefore often funded by nuclear power industries.

In this video Warwick Business School host a discussion of nuclear power, government climate policy and the UK energy system.

Further Reading:

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