Sunday, March 18, 2007

Convergence of religious group on fighting climate change.

Faith groups are increasingly playing a part in preventing climate change. Weather through the concept of 'creation care' or in terms of the more anthropocentric concept of climate justice.

A recent article on Trehugger finds that Muslims and Christians are already working on climate change and in fact this is a truly grass roots movement.

"Muslim and Christian youth living in the US have found common interest in protecting the environment. According to Eboo Patel, founder of the Interfaith Youth Core, a non-profit dedicated to building a pluralistic society through cooperation between people of all religious backgrounds, as he recently traveled the country visiting college campuses on behalf of his organization after meeting and speaking with the Rev. Richard Cizik, vice-president of the National Association of Evangelicals and a well-known proponent of creation-care, he found that often there were groups of students already organizing Earth Day events with both Muslims and Evangelical youth working side by side to lead the way."

Jews are also participating in the fight, under the rubric of climate justice.

" Justice for poor people who will be most severely impacted by changing weather and rising seas and who have the least capacity to adapt.

Justice for future generations who will inherit an unstable climate and potentially catastrophic rises in sea level, migration of tropical diseases, and disrupted agricultural production.

Justice for all of creation that is threatened by climate change."

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Climate Change Action

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At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that the global warming issue is more important that religious, rasial, nationality differences. Still, in the same time, it is sad to see that it takes such a big problem to get people working together.

We can only say that it would be great if all people would start thinking seriousely about global warming and start doing something about it.

At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I am sure it is quite an ego trip to consider oneself the savior of mankind, the facts of global warming tend to point toward more of a nagging wife role. Since the seventies when satellite data has tracked it, the sun’s output has increased and the temperature of our planet and others in our solar system has increased with it.

In addition the majority of the increase in temperature during the twentieth century happened before the majority of CO2 increase and the temperature actually dropped slightly during the first thirty years of major CO2 increase.

Not to mention the fact that during the Medieval Climactic Optimum (With temperatures much like today’s) mankind flourished, while in the Little Ice Age (That we are now coming out of) crops failed and mankind starved.

But I didn’t mean to spoil your delusions of grandeur. Have fun being the prophet of doom.


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