Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well that explains it...

The calculated efforts to discredit gore when he spoke to political leaders on Capitol Hill recently have confused many people. Why the vitriol.

The suspicion has to be that the fossil fuel industry led Bush administration is feeling the heat.

This video clip gives an idea of some of the support that Gore is getting, queuing up around the block for a book signing. Elsewhere, gore managed to sell out a 10'000 seat venue quicker than Elton John who was performing the next day. In fact we would do well to remember that, as gore stated, the media are so scientifically illiterate and corporate owned that the only real way to engage with people is to talk to them directly, hence his presentation that he has given to hundreds of organisations.

As Gore is generally uninterested in fighting through the media he is not diverting precious time away from his work, and whatever noise surrounds one event, he will be on the attack again in another. He is training thousands to give his slide show, he is helping to plan Live Earth, he is working with investors to come up with relevant metrics for sustainable business choices, he made a won an Oscar. Every time another project is developed and every time further endorsements are garnered from businesses, scientists and his growing band of fans he makes the climate crisis more difficult to ignore and makes inaction ever less feasible.


Climate Change Action

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