Saturday, June 09, 2007

2007 It's Aviations Time to Take Some Heat! Climate Activists Get Busy

I was interested to read an Indymedia article about the fact that:

The aviation sector is set to become one of the most targeted of the climate-changing industries in the UK this year.
I guess it is a bad time to invest in BAA( UK:BAA), EASYJET (UK:EZJ),  Ryanair Hldgs. (UK:RYA).

I also think it is a good time to involve yourself with one of the various groups working on this issue; for example.

1. Camp for Climate Action. Organisign takes place the rest of this year, decision making is concensus based, anone can...and is encouraged to, get involved! Last year the protest was at Drax coal fired power station. This year it is at Heathrow! August 14th-21st.

2. Plane Stupid. Because that is the govornments 'policy' on aviation.

3. Airportwatch. Because airport expansion is not just a problem for the southeast.

Just for a few references now, as many people  are unsure as to how significant aviation emissions are. The answer is, they are significant at present, far more useful thing would be done with those emissions if we had a tight carbon cap. The trend is disasterous, by 2050 the UK's Environmental Audit Committee stated that without a change in govornment policy, aviation growth would 'entirely negate' progress made toward the 60% goal elsewhere in the economy. The UK climate policy and aviation policy at no point meet.

1. Tyndall centre report on aviation.
2. Environmental audit committee report. (one of)
3. IPPR Report.
4. Sustainable Development Comission report.

Past aviation posts.


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