Sunday, June 10, 2007

Carbon Planet Update/Upgrade

Carbon offset/audit company Carbon Planet have made a few changes, including the addition of energy saving measures to the kind of carbon offsets that they offer.

They are also offering CDM Gold Standard credits to business customers.

Description of how Carbon Planet deals with Additionality, Permenance, Leakage and other technical but vitally important aspects of a real carbon offset can be found here.

On the topic of offsets, i know that an increasing number of people are using these services for living a low carbon life, but i`m interested to know if anyone has thought of taking this further. I like the term Carbon Trail to describe our personal historic responsibilities...our footprint is what our lives rest on currently, our trail represents our past livestyles. If a significant number of people would decide to take this step I think that we would have a really healthy trend, and its no-loss. By definition we have additionality as we are sorting out our past not offseting a current behaviour.


Climate Change Action

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