Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Corporate Climate Response: Day 2 Full Video + Program

Offsetting Options

All You Wanted to Know About Offsetting But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Abyd Karmali, Managing Director, ICF International
Offsetting Plus
  • Rob Rabinowitz, Managing Director, Pure
  • Rob Challis, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Man Group

Discussion with Expert Panel
Is offsetting just a “get out of jail free card” - does it count?
Impact of government standards on the offset industry
How can you be certain your offsets are removing GHGs from the atmosphere?
What is additionality and do I need to worry about it?
Why do offsetting costs vary so much across suppliers?
Why can’t I offset with projects closer to home?
What are the merits of different kinds of offsets?

  • Chair: Simon Propper, Managing Director, Context
  • Phil Levermore, Managing Director, Ebico
  • Mike Mason, Founder, Climate Care
  • Dick Sisman, Founder, Ticos
  • Jonathan Shopley, Chief Executive Officer, The Carbon Neutral Company

Emissions Trading & Other Measures for Low Energy Intensive
Companies and Organisations

DEFRA Update

Following the Energy Review, the Government published a consultation on a new emissions trading scheme - the Energy Performance Commitment - alongside other measures, to deliver 1.2MtC/year (4.4MtCO2/year) carbon savings by 2020 from around 5,000 large non-energy intensive business and public sector organisations. This presentation will provide an update on the policies aimed at addressing energy use emissions from these organisations.

  • Philip Douglas, National Climate Change Policy Division, DEFRA

A Worked Example of a Potential EPC
  • Ray Gluckam, Consulting Group Director, &
  • Caroline Doble, Technical Manager, Climate Change Policy & Compliance Team, Enviros

Discussion with Expert Panel: The Emissions Trading Debate
How might this work?
What lessons have been learnt from the EU ETS and voluntary trading schemes that can be employed in this future scheme?
How can companies and organisations prepare?
Is this legislative approach the best method to obtain the proposed emissions reductions?

  • Chair: Mark Kenber, Policy Director, The Climate Group
  • Philip Douglas, National Climate Change Policy Division, DEFRA
  • Ray Wilson, Risk & Governance Director, Barclays Facilities Management
  • Dave Farebrother, Assistant Director, Environmental Services, Land Securities
  • Martin Wiles, Energy and Environment Manager, Bristol University, Convener, Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges

Benchmarking, Reporting, Potential League Tables

Reporting Report Card: Why Climate Change Disclosure is So Poor
  • Rory Sullivan, Head of Investor Responsibility, Insight Investment
Case Study: Benchmarking for the Hotel And Catering Industries
  • Peter Roberts, Project Manager, Hospitable Climates

Discussion with Expert Panel:
What lessons can be learned form UK ETS, and EU ETS?
Will benchmarking, reporting and league tables be sectoral?
How much will all this cost?

  • Chair: Alan Knight, Head of Standards and Related Services, AccountAbility
  • Marc Brammer, Director of Research, Europe, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors
  • Anne-Marie Warris, Global Product Manager for Climate Change, LRQA

Organisational Climate Response
The recent DEFRA consultation has brought into focus the climate change response from organisations that are not responsible to shareholder or customers. Some such organisations are blazing a trail when it comes to forward thinking, innovative response to the challenges of climate change. In this part of the program we will examine how leading organisations are facing up to the issue.

 Shrinking the Footprint : The Church Responds to Climate Change
  • Alexander Nicoll, MCIPR, Head of Internal Communications, The Archbishops' Council Church of England

Climate Proofing London
  • Simon Mills, Head of Sustainable Development, City of London

The NFL and Climate Change: American Football Responds
  • Jack Groh, Environmental Manager, NFL

Delivering a Sustainable Legacy

  • Samantha Heath, CEO, London Sustainability Exchange

Climate Change Communications

The Ten Rules of Climate Change Communication
  • Malin Jennings, Vice President, Fleishman Hillard
  • Sophie Pim, Senior Consultant, Fleishman Hillard

Getting Employees and Customers Engaged
  • Lucy Shea, Senior Partner, Futerra

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