Saturday, August 18, 2007

Camp for Climate Action: A Brief Update So Far

In a few hundered words i cannot possibly do justice to all the varied activities and experiances provided by the camp for climate action. Nonetheless i must be brief, we have online internet access but the dozen computers available freely are in high demand.

I arrived tuesday to a camp that was largely setup although significant work was still underway. People where directed to one of the geograpgically based neighbourhoods...the set up was regional but this was a guide--infact i decided to staty in the London rather than Scotland neighbourhood.

At that time the camp was along the same lines as last years event at drax . Since then the camp has ixpanded dramatically and now there are perhaps 1200 people on site...a lot of new faces. This is both encouraging and worrying as the camp is hel together by social glue consisting of shared experiances in its organisation, there is no learership so everyone must be engaged.

The workshops have been going on all week but have just finished, now the focus is the mass action that we will be taking on sunday and monday. This has to be able to accomidate eveyone on site, and many of the locals who we are very keen to work with. We will most likely be marking out the proposed runway
in an entirely legal and cooporeative effort with the local community. We will also be blockading BAA...this may be more difficult to achive and will likely lead to arrests for blocking roads.

So far for me the highlights have been a workshop on the Stanstead Expansion, the moment when a Bronze level commander from the police decided to send his 15-20 men on camp , only for them to be pushed off and to be rebuked foraggressive policing by the silver commander. George Monbiot's talk in the main tent also went down a storm...later this moved to the london neighbourhood for several hours if discussion including questions from Johan Hari of The Independent.

Much of my timehas been taken up with recording many of the workshops so that they can be uploaded to the internet and shared with the wider world.

I have also recorded a variety of small clips from around the camp and hope to edit these together, along with the footage to be taken tomorrow from the protest to produce a small 4 minute propmotional video of the camp.

At the last count we have 5 wind turbines, a large number of small solar electric pannels.

That is a very brief record of what has gone on so far, for far more please go to indymedia, that has been providing extensive coverage.

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Climate Change Action

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At 11:09 PM, Blogger Derek Wall said...

I regret to say I only made wednesday but it was wonderful, it really gives me hope.

We have to change the world to have a world and nice to see some people who know how to go about it, the full force of the state will be on you...good luck

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Hannibal said...

I was interested to see this piece referring to the Camp protestors and contrasting the views of prominent Eco Warrior George Monbiot and old Marxist Mick Hume:

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Gaurav said...

Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good


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