Friday, August 31, 2007

Climate Camp Workshop: AirportWatch--Why The Expansion Must Stop

John Stewart of AirportWatch makes the case for ceasing airport expansion in the UK. This case stretches across several themes, environmental, social and economic.

To an audience concerned about there homes, and indeed entire villages going under tarmac the case is not difficult to make. To those of us in the audience concerned about climate change the arguement is likewise utterly convincing. To those of you unconcerned about climate change and not in imminent danger of loosing your community for cheap hollidays the economic case for ending tax-breaks is surely something that we can agree on.

Aviation is massively subsidised aswell as unacountable for the pollution that it causes. At the very least the subsidies should be axed and the pollution costs represented in the price of a ticket. This on its own would likely reduce the rate of aviation growth significantly. Perhaps to a rate comparable to the rate of improement of technology in terms of local and global pollution.

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