Saturday, December 22, 2007

Harper = Grinch, RAN, Media & Environment, China and Climate, Bogota Cycling, Oil Map

Update from the 'Blogosphere' from the last couple of weeks.

  1. Stephen Harper is the 'Global Warming Grinch' , according to De Smog Blog: In a year-end interview with CBC, Harper said “"As soon as you're dedicated to actually reducing emissions, that imposes costs on the economy...Once we start [and] these things start biting, the criticism we're going to be getting is that we're doing too much."
    Harper seems like a man bragging to his neglected wife that if he ever made love to her, she might die from exhaustion.
  2. The Rainforest Action Network Via Revolving Doors: RAN have just released a promotional video on its a campaigns. This is inspirational work, it's great to hear about some of the success stories. Perhaps we should all consider doing something worthwhile this Christmas and donate to a group working on climate change.
  3. US media and reporting the environment via Celsias; why arent they?
  4. China is stating to take on the challenge of climate change via Celsias; an overview of policies currently being implemented.
  5. Where is the oil? Via Treehugger. We know that oil is fluctuating wildly in price, we know that obtaining a secure source is often linked to political instability and military action and that it gives some pretty awful governments more leverage than is desirable. But where exactly is all the oil? This map makes it abundantly clear where this increasingly scare resource can be found.
  6. Bogota Cycle Party via Treehugger. Getting cars off the streets is an unpopular idea for many; particularly those who currently drive. But just look how good things can look without cars dominating urban space!

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