Wednesday, January 09, 2008

False Solutions to Climate Change

I recently wrote a post in which i set out the framework in which the term 'false solutions' is used. It is quite an interesting term actually--i`m sympathetic to there meaning but a solution can't be false, only effective or ineffectve. A false solutions is one which when interpreted, not for its effect on carbon emissions per se but on existing values and institutions which currently cause climate change, is found to only deepen the problem. An example might be biofuels when they are grown in good yields on agricultural land: even if the emissions effects are as desired the social effects (displacing native substitence farmers) and the economic effects (solidifying wealth in the hands of the already rich) are issues which are already significantly to blame for deforestation in the global south.

To look futher at this problem i encourage you to follow this link to "
Fighting False Solutions Interview: Kevin Smith & Jutta Kill" over at Celsias.

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