Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heathrow Airport Protest: On Runway + On Parliament Roof

The recent govornment consultation on Heathrows' expansion has been broadly condemed as a fix. The govornment are getting used to this sort of behaviour, a high court ruling overturned the PR stunt that was their first consultation on nuclear power.

In recent days Greenpeace has done what it does best, visually powerful protests that make the point.

The photo bellow shows one of the photos that made news headlines in over 200 publications.

Today a groups called Plane Stupid upped the anti by lowering banners off the roof of Parliament.
One of the demonstrators, Richard George, 27, from London, said: "I am stood on
the roof of parliament because the democratic process had been corrupted. "The aviation industry had taken full advantage of a weak prime minister to get the Heathrow consultation fixed. "It does not even consider global warming despite everything (Prime Minister Gordon) Brown has said about the environment and despite the massive impact aviation has on the climate."

Video from the roof of the houses of parlaiment.

These visual stunts are an effective way of making headlines, but the voracity of the opposition to expansion can be better judged from the protest organised by two local opposition groups who mobilised 2'500 people to protest at Central Hall in Westminster.



Climate Change Action

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