Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heathrow expansion: what do you think?

Should this be even bigger...?

Virgin airlines has asked its customers what they think about airport expansion. It's a nice question to ask customers as they gain any advantage whilst the community pay the price. However, more and more people are worried about not only the local environment but the global impact of massive aviation expansion.

Have your say also consider taking part in the govornments questionaire.

How can govornment aviation and climate policies be reconciled?
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At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nicely worded, isn't it? And I quote:

"Virgin Atlantic believes that additional take-off and landing slots should be provided at Heathrow and a third runway should be delivered, provided these developments can take place within strict environmental limits.

We believe that the expansion of Heathrow will reduce passenger delays both in the air and on the ground, reduce congestion within the terminals and help improve passengers’ overall airport experience."

Who could possibly object to that leading question?!

What Virgin do not tell you is that the so-called 'strict environmental limits' are out-of-date, unhealthy and inappropriate. BAA, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic (to name a few) and the British Government are ignoring the latest research on noise levels (ANASE Oct 2007).

Furthermore, air quality around Heathrow airport has not meet EU standards for the past 5 years, so there's no hope of it improving after doubling the number of passengers at Heathrow airport!

Oh, and the consultation does not include climate change. We are told that, as residents, we are only being consulted on local issues (noise and air quality) and global concerns will be dealt with in the international arena!

Basically, the increased aviation emissions will be traded away on the EU ETS.

BTW, the online process for the Government Questionnaire does not allow you to skip questions. If you want to write to the Department for Transport directly with climate change concerns, try their email address:


Deadline for responses is tomorrow, Wednesday 27 February 2008 in London.

P.S. The Battle of Heathrow is on the front line in action to combat climate change. I am very pleased to see you are covering it.


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