Monday, March 31, 2008

C&C, IFEES, Tony Blair and Climate Group, Carbon Negative, Green Collar Jobs, Green MBA's, Forest Saved, Climate Care

From the inbox (excluding viagra adverts):
  1. Contraction and Convergence campaign launched in The Actuary.
  2. Muslim environmental group IFEES are fundraising; donate to the cause. IFEES presentation.
  3. Tony Blair is set to head up group working on global climate change deal. Blair announced "Breaking the Climate Deadlock" at a Cliate Group meeting (video).
  4. The Aspen Institute are getting serious about educating MBA students for the future in a world where externalities will be increasingly internal.
  5. Froget carbon neutral--carbon negative anyone? UC Berkeley (who else?) are looking at the process of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere using growth of biomass, energy production from the resulting crop and storage of the carbon emissions.
  6. The term 'green-collar jobs' as featured as the banner of this website is taking off. The international herald tribune is the latest to take note.
  7. A small part of Guyana's rainforest looks likely to be secured.
  8. If you buy offsets then beware of Climate Care. This hitherto qaulity offset provider has just been purchased by JP Morgan so the qaulity of those credits may not stay as high as we would like.


Climate Change Action

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