Friday, March 21, 2008

Low frequency blogging.

I thought that it was worth posting a quick update. I`ve just moved to London to get a new Job. Currently i`m looking for a flat, commuting half way across London and working 9-6 five days a week. Also, my parents just visited on my day off, this being the case, i`ve had limited spare time. This has resulted in less reading--several reviews are coming soon--and fewer posts. Once I have got myself settled I will spend less time commuting and no time looking for flats. I will therefore have more time for reading and posting to this blog, and also some time to get involved in climate change activities in London. All of this will be far better for me, and hopefully more interesting to those of you who read my blog.

Climate Change Action

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At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have some exciting news about the International Computer Refurbishers’ Summit (ICRS) happening in Toronto on May 5th and 6th 2008!

TechSoup, Computers for Schools Chicago, and Renewed Computer Technology of Canada are hosting this year’s conference, which spotlights the theme of refurbishing’s “Triple Bottom Line” impact on social, economic and environmental developments and improvements. As technology discards move to the forefront of the international conversation on E-waste and continue to affect the ever-changing global economy, ICRS offers global professionals of matchless authority on topics as wide-ranging as increasing the cost-effectiveness of refurbishing to the burgeoning positive social impact of reuse. Those speakers will include Joep van Loon, Managing Director of Netherlands-based Flection International, Gerry Hackett, Managing Director of UK-based RDC, and Microsoft UK’s Sean Nicholson.

There will also be presentations that speak to the broad environmental case for electronics reuse, including means to achieving the refurbishing industry’s “zero-waste” ambition and the industry’s expanding contributions to the green collar job movement. Speakers will also include Microsoft’s Frances Fawcett and EPEAT’s Wayne Rifer. Many more speakers will be featured and information about them can be found on the event website at

The remarkable domestic and international work of co-sponsor Computers for Schools Canada will also be a focus.

This is the supreme opportunity for you to meet global colleagues in the areas of refurbishing, economics, environment, government, and asset management from around the world and to exchange information with Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MARs).

The conference will be held at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto. Registration this year is $225 and can be completed online at Discounted hotel rates at the Delta Chelsea are available until April 4, 2008 and you can reach the hotel directly at 1.800.243.5732 or 416.595.1975. Contact Fresh White at TechSoup with any hotel reservation questions or concerns at 415.633.9342 or Additionally, contact Jim Lynch at for more information about the conference.


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