Sunday, March 02, 2008

Think Globally Radio

Sometimes it strikes me that society is in an extrodinarily good state. Now, you may be thinking that i have finally lost my mind. In fact, no, i`ve been reading some history. I`ve been reading about the Black history in the US. One of the striking aspects about this strugle for eqaulity is the period of time involved in overcomming this gross injustice. Even after the American revolution and the 'emancipation of the slaves' Blacks where far from free. The Jim Crow laws implemented a new injustice on former slaves. It was nearly 100 years from the 13th Ammendment ending slavery untill the overthrow of the Jim Crow laws!

Today we seek to utterly transform society, from fossil powered to renewable energy future, from exponential economic growth to qaulitative evolution. Ideas spread across the world at the speed of light, and the range of people who can contribute to this quest is vast. Two recent developments exemplify the remarkable connectedness of global knoledge. Mearly two years ago the thirst for biofuels seemed unquenchable. The down sides didn't seem to exist, the world was on a dangerously naive path. How rapid has the change been since then? Report after report warning of the dangers, biofuels have a future but a closely monitored one. Not least by nacent NGO Biofuelwatch. On the more positive side, Bus Rapid Transit. BRT first reached my attention 6 months ago. It's orogins are admitedly some two decades past in Curitiba, Brazil, but international attention on this system has grown to such a point that there can scarecely be a major city that dosent understand the concept. The world is full of smart people and great ideas, this knoledge is now accessible readily by everyone with a computer, such a state of affairs is unprecidented and hugely encouraging.

I just came across another great source of radio programmes, an english language radio show from Stockholm. Think Global Radio has a superb collection of shows, enjoy!

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