Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Al Gore and Alliance for Climate Protection launch $300 Million public service campaign to muster support on climate change action.

Al Gore is all over the news again, and as far as i`m concerned thats a good thing. This time it is his project known as the Alliance for Climate Protection that is making the news for it's big money ad campaign to build momentum behind action on climate change.

Andrew Revkin explains the program far better than i could so head on over to the NYT blog for more.

A couple of key points include the Launch of the campaign on '60 Minutes' and the fact that the adverts will include unnusuall pairings of people saying 'we dont agree on much, but on this one thing we agree, the need to protect our planet'. The first announcement that i have seen stars Al Sharpton and Pat Robinson. A civil rights campaigner come politician, siting with the highly concervative televangelist. Al gore on '60 Minutes':

Cathy Zoi who is heading up the Alliance for Climate Protection is a former Clinton administration aide on enviornmental issues. She spoke to the aspen institute about the urgency of the issue and the Alliance's plans at a forum last week (part 1, part 2). This was a facinating forum, judging by the speakers, who, incidentely included Andrew Revkin...perhaps explaining how he wrote such an informative article. Videos from the forum here.

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Climate Change Action

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