Thursday, April 24, 2008

Climate Change Groups in London

Having moved from not that near Aberdeen to the edge of London my options of getting practically involved in climate change related activities have increased dramatically. The new issue is priorities.

I am strongly supportive of the work being carried out by many groups such as Campaign against Climate Change, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Rising Tide, Plane Stupid, The Camp for Climate Action, HACAN and the Campaign against Urban 4*4's. In fact i have recently been along to events by many of these groups.

Living just outside the centre of London however means added transport costs and time for every event attended so despite knowing people and enjoying the social side of these groups i`m going to focus on the work of the Climate Camp. I'm also going to stay involved with anti-Heathrow events as this is an issue with a lot of local support. Finally, i`m still keen to get involved with Plane Stupid. I think that two groups with regular commitments, and occasional support to the anti-aviation campaigns is a manageable level of commitment.

I`m also thinking about creating my own campaign which will not be ostensibly environmental but rather will focus on broas economic and social questions that are of concern to most citizens. We all know that climate change isn't a top tear issue for many people; well it is possible to move the mountain to mohammed. In other words we can find a lot of smart policies to address that both fight climate change and improve peoples lives in a way that enables an openness and generosity required for support of climate change policies. I want to develop this in some detail and possibly build the group at a the Cimate Camp.


Climate Change Action

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