Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Global Climate Movement:

Bill McKibben, prominant green author, and superstar activist worked with students at Middlebury to create the phenominally successful StepItUp campaign.

Now his project has gone global with; the 350 refers to 350ppm CO2e , a concentration of greenhouse gasses significantly lower than most policy wonks are talking about but a level at which we may have to stabilise concentrations to prevent run-away climate change.

The project differs from the Global Climate Campaign (GCC) in having a very specific outcome and a more significant central organisation; this greater specificity and centrality will no doubt enable certain activities and engage certain new people not already reached. The more ad hoc GCC however, worked as a de facto umbrella group and the day international day of climate action, a simple unifying element.

It will be interesting to see how these two activist elements work together to raise the profile and increase the cohesiveness of the global climate change protest movement.


Climate Change Action

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