Friday, June 06, 2008

Paradise Lost, and some rhetorical questioning

Without global outrage or mournful fanfare- the island of Kiribati has given up in the face of the rising tide and is planning for evacuation. This is in stark contrast to the Virgin Island of Beef (oh yes) that PLANS ecological devastation in the name of luxury accomodation, big yacht marinas, and golf for the world's uber-wealthy. Well, they work SOOOO hard.

and vis a vis Calvin's excellent post, below, on the food crisis - with particular reference to Agribusiness...

Climate Change Action

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At 4:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

If you happen to come across any global outrage, please refer them to Islands First's web site or blog.

There remains a profound disconnect between the heightened awareness of these issues and the timely implementation of policies to address them. The livelihoods and potentially the very existence of other small island states remain in doubt as long as rapid remedial action is not taken.

Islands First facilitates the ability of small island nations to influence the international policy agenda and advocate for environmental justice. Your support is welcome.


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