Thursday, August 14, 2008

Climate Camp: The best chants.

My favourite chants from climate camp...anyone else have suggestions?

  1. When riot police charged on site injuring people and acting like we where something other than a group of mellow and peaceful activitsts. "We are not a riot, we are not a riot, we are not a riot..." This really de escelated things...we followed it up with singing and testemonials about why we where at the climate camp.
  2. When kent police gave way to riot police (from the met?) "We want kent, we want kent" this was such a funny moment. The police where somewhat uncomfortable and some clearly found it amusing.
  3. A chant that i started when we where being agrovated "strike for police pay, strike for police pay..." that took off nicely! My comment to the officer opposite me was "you join our protest and we'll join yours".
There where probably hundereds of short chants trying to break down the walls between police and protestors but these where my favourites. There where also lots of songs, which can be extremely powerful in hostile situations.


Climate Change Action

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