Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Climate Rush Heathrow! (12th Jan)

After the success of the suffragette inspired 'Rush' of parliament (article, video) another event has been decided upon. This time the target is industry not government.

On Monday 12th January 2009 at 7pm the Climate Rush will hit Heathrow Terminal 1 (Domestic Departures).

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Climate Change Action

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At 8:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Sylvia Pankhurst was no climate change protestor, she wrote:

"Socialism means plenty for all. We do not preach a gospel of want and scarcity, but of abundance.

"Our desire is not to make poor those who to-day are rich, in order to put the poor in the place where the rich now are. Our desire is not to pull down the present rulers to put other rulers in their places.

"We wish to abolish poverty and to provide abundance for all.

"We do not call for limitation of births, for penurious thrift, and self-denial. We call for a great production that will supply all, and more than all the people can consume.

"Such a great production is already possible, with the knowledge already possessed by mankind.

"To-day production is artificially checked, consumption still more so."

Workers’ Dreadnought, 28 July 1923,


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