Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Smart fridges...whatever next. Seriously, what next and when?

The UK is about to test drive 3,000 smart refrigerators that will know when to adjust their power use to match the needs of the grid. The fridges could mean both a massive cost savings and a boost to alternative energy use.

Refrigerators are big energy suckers and we’re always on the watch for more efficient models and tips on how to reduce their energy use. But if a fridge gets a brain, it can do all the adjusting needed to reduce its carbon footprint without us having to lift a finger.

The fridges, supplied by RLtec, are going to be given away by the UK government next year for a trial run to see how well the dynamic demand technology used in the fridges works.

Interesting little piece in Treehugger, just makes me wonder a. what the hell are we waiting for and b. how much scale do related technologies have. Using fridges nationwide there would be significant scope for saving but i`m sure that using industry and other applicances together the scale could be even larger....tastes like the future to me.

RLtec estimates that large numbers of appliances running with dynamic demand technology would create a "virtual power station" that could displace coal-fired generators. For example, fitting all the fridges in the UK with dynamic demand technology would allow the decommissioning of a 750-megawatt "back-up" power station.

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