Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Climate Rush gets chained to Parliament

The govornment didnt want a vote on Heathrow. Previously Plane Stupid had been informed that 'decisions are made in the house of commons, noton the roof'. However, in reality a cushy backgrrom meeting between a couple of ministers and BAA is where decisions are really made...the govornment really dont want to let democracy mess up there plans.

This became somewhat more difficult when the concervatives put forward a proposal that the govornments airport plans be scrapped. So in the end, there was a vote of sorts...albeit with a 3 line whip, and several resignations; you cant be part of the govornment if you are voting against a 3 line whip. The govornment won by 16 votes.

Actions by both HACAN's early morning protest and the Climate Rush 10:30am...did however show to MP's that the pressure isnt going away. This airport isnt going to get built, at some point the govornment will accept that.


Climate Change Action

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