Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dye letters in the snow: spend the night in jail!

On Sunday 8th Feburary 2009 a radical attempt was made to spread a message. I say radical, based on the police response. Being arrested for trying to get a message across--how, i hear you say, where these delinquents communicating? Ehh, well, they had some food dye and they diluted it and they wrote thier message in the snow. And it wasnt the deadly yellow snow that Frank Zappa warned us all about, it was blue snow.

They had the teremity to write 'plane stupid' and 'you fly, they die' half a mile from the airport. We arent talking about runway invasion here, we are talking about a farce. In England that would be wrongful arrest, i`m not sure about north of the border.

  1. Anti-aviation campaigns in scotland.

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