Tuesday, March 02, 2010

UK Renewable Energy Support and Information

Ed Milliband has just announced the govornment's latest energy efficiency plan for homes, and it is reported to include long term energy efficiency loans that are fixed to the building rather than the person taking them out. This approach allows a 'pay as you save' approach wherby the income generated from the feed-in tarrif and from energy savings allows householders to see a net reduction in total enerergy related expenditure. The loans take a long time to pay back but wouldn't you rather be paying for solar pannels on your roof than for energy companies profits? The report's name 'warm homes, greener homes' suggests that DECC is starting to take advantage of the way energy saving measures can be used to attack fuel poverty. This isn't quite how some people see it however!

If you are interested in taking advantage of the feed in tarrif then check out the rates here. The feed in tarrif starts on April 1st, but as Monbiot point's out the payback is nothing to laugh at, his problem with it is that the middle classes will benefit handsomely while everyone will have to foot the bill. So if you like renewable energy and you can handle the guilt of someone else paying your bills then go right ahead. Otherwise we all need to start looking at larger scale community schemes that can finance themselves without the subsidies.

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