Tuesday, August 07, 2012

5 Minutes for UK Climate Change E-Activism?

There are always quite a few groups working on climate change campaigns here in the UK. Whilst there is no substitute for forming your own group or getting together with others in your local area their are still worthwhile opportunities to pressurise govornment via online petitions and letter writing.

 In this post i bring together a few of the biggest current online campaigns. If you computer is working ok (unlike mine) it shouldnt take long for you to sign up to these and do your good deed for the day.

  1. Support Friends of the Earth's campaign for Clean British Energy.
  2. Join Greenpeace International's effort to make the arctic a wildlife refuge and prevent arctic drilling.
  3. Help the RSPB protect Sumatras Rainforest.
  4. Work with Campaign against Climate Change to stop a second UK dash to gas,
  5. Round Off your inspired if brief bout of e-activistm by joining Oxfam's GROW campaign.

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Climate Change Action

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