Thursday, September 22, 2005

Campaign Against Climate Change (Aberdeen)

Sep 21st was the first meeting for the Campaign Against Climate Change in Aberdeen. We met at Kings New Building in Old Aberdeen at 7:30, as we will for our next meeting on Oct 4th.

The meeting started with a talk by the organiser of the group (Almuth Ernsting) about hurricane Katrina, and more particularly about the link between abnormally high sea surface temperatures caused by climate change and the severity of hurricanes which are being formed.

The meeting then went on to discuss what we as a group where going to do locally, it was decided that we should carry out our first event in mid to late November so as to give us some 'material' we can use in a stall we intend to set up in central Aberdeen. We also decided to start making preparations for this stall, including eye catching posters and leaflets with further information about both climate change and what we as a group intend to do about it.

I`m off to the national planning meeting of the Campaign against Climate Change on the 1st Oct, in Oxford, and hopefully I will get some useful photos, audio/video there for our stall. Most importantly I will try and get one of the speakers to come and guest at our first event. The potential for making contact with other people from charities involved in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition is also high, I am keen that everyone in N.E Scotland who is working on climate change at least knows everyone else, cooperation is no small advantage in terms of organisation and awareness raising.

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Climate Change Action

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