Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What happens after Kyoto?

Just a quick progress report, I`m around half way through the process of creating my next article. I`ve got two reports to read before I start the business of planning an outline and writing the article. It looks so easy doesn't it, pick 7 reports, read, digest...compose...well it actually takes quite a long time to carry out that whole process! It will be at least 3 more days before the article is ready and maybe up to a week. Put your e-mail address in the form at the side of the page if you want updates when articles are published, or sign up to bloglines, or the rss feed...

One thing i will say strait out about my reading so-far is that it is good motivational stuff, the problem is just getting more and more tangible...i`m starting to see it rationally and the rational way to see climate change is as a huge threat needing real commitment and passion from a lot of people to tackle.

Drought in much of sub-saharan Africa can be directly linked to warming in the Indian Ocean,
warming that is occuring as a result of human induced Climate Change.

Climate Change Action

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