Sunday, December 04, 2005

Campaign against Climate Change In London

Hello All,
I have spent a large part of today uploading media relating to the climate change marches that occured yesterday (sat 3rd). I thought it was worth mentioning some of the events and provising a few links. The post below gives an indication of what the Edinburgh demo was like and a few short vidoe clips of the event can be found here.Read more!
There is also loads more information about the other events spread all across the web in a entirely unorganised manner. There is an attempt at organisation here, where there ae photos from many of the events, and if you look in the forum you can also see links to several other protests.For the London event there are both a radio show and a short video available for download. Information about UK media coverage can be found here.

The images here are of 1. the protest outside esso (the UK trading name of ExxonMobil) and 2. Posters of bush and blair;Bush because he wont sign up to kyoto or even talk about an emissions cap even when the US emitts 14tCO2 per person, compared to an average of around 7 in Europe and less than 1in china; Blair because of his changing stance on mandatory emissions targets...the enviornmental movement has no qaulms about the use of technolog to mitigate climate change but technology is not enough, and tough binding targets are required to encourage the sort of determined action that is essential.

Climate Change Action

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