Monday, December 05, 2005

Development, Environment and Ecology Digest (DEED)

The central forum of the Campaign against Climate Change is finally proving its worth. This forum which was decided on at the Oxford national planning meeting for the Dec 3rd march has been languishing somewhat due to a certain amount of redundancy, many local groups have Yahoo! or Google Groups and there is therefore no clear incentive for central discussion.

There are however definite advantages to a central forum, at least for major announcements and events. Since Dec3rd I have posted the Edinburgh March photos there and have found several interesting resources from the site, including DEED, another UK blog with a strong, if not exclusive focus on Climate Change.

The commentary on this site is superb, and a wide range of topics are covered, some of which I was un-aware of, this doesn't happen often, and its nice when it does! In particular the Pre-Montreal statement by the US and the Contraction and Convergence Bill where of great interest to me.

My thoughts on contraction and convergence can be found here.

Climate Change Action

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