Friday, December 09, 2005

Leave Bush behind, not the US.

With continued obstruction from ExxonMobil's man in the negotiating seat (Harlan Watson) the international effort to prevent catastrophic climate change faces formidable challenges. However determination to act decisively on climate change is building around the world and taking the federal government out of the equation is an option gaining increasingly vocal support.(continued...)

US's Frigid Stance on Global Warming

By Anadolu News Agency (aa) Published: Friday, December 09, 2005

The distance between the United States and the international community about methods to combat with global warming became clear at the United Nations Climate Change conference in session in Montreal, Canada.

The US, upon its rejection of the Canadian invitation to join the conference and side with international community, and its insistence to not to take part in the talks is once more being criticized by the world over. Twenty-five American economists, three of whom Nobel Prize winners, called for the US to fight against climate changes that become more and more dangerous every passing day. The internationally renowned economists pointed out the high price to be paid from the climate changes, as well as the hazardous results which continue to mount.

The absolute isolation of the Bush administration has been highlighted by the Australian government's determination to become part of the post-Kyoto negotiations and to call for deep emissions cuts internationally. further more, numerous NGOs are calling for full engagement with state alliances and groups of cities who have attended the conference, usurping the role of the federal government in protecting there people from the dangers of climate change.

How to Engage the US? Leave Bush Behind!

The strong participation of US civil society in these meetings
reinforces the strategic value of holding COP11 and COP/MOP1 in North

A large and diverse group of trade unions, business leaders, faithgroups, and state and local officials is participating here in support of effective climate action. Yet the Bush Administrationcontinues to oppose forward progress on the climate regime and immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Mayors from around the world are meeting at the Montreal City Hall.
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels spoke of success in reducing the city
government's own greenhouse gas emissions, laying the groundwork for
deep community-wide reductions, and a safer, cleaner and prosperous
future. He highlighted that 192 mayors, representing 40 million
citizens in 38 states, have signed the US Mayors Climate Protection
Agreement. Among them, just months before Hurricane Katrina, was
Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans.
On Tuesday, 24 US Senators, including leading Republicans, released a
letter to President Bush, reminding the Administration of
its "continuing legal obligation to participate in the COP in a
constructive way," and noting that "a deliberate decision by the
Administration not to engage in such inconsistent
with the obligations of the United States as set forth in the
Members of many delegations may have hoped the world might succeed in
engaging the Bush Administration here in Montreal – they must abandon
that hope for now.
Yesterday the US delegation objected to the draft text, which focuses on "dialogue." That the US would oppose even the most minimal
proposal is appalling, but hardly shocking. They could not be more
clear – as at the G8 in Gleneagles this year, the Bush Administration
opposes effective global action on climate change within the UN
system. Period. Full stop.
US local government, business and civil society are mobilising in
support of real action on climate change from the bottom up. Parties
to the Kyoto Protocol, operating within this first COP/MOP, must now
take the Bush Administration at their word: they are not going to
engage responsibly in this process. Instead, delegations should
encourage US society to further expand its work for climate
protection, and then move directly to the next stage of negotiations
within the Kyoto Protocol. The way to help the US forward is to leave
Bush behind.

Climate Change Action

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