Friday, January 20, 2006

Audio of the week: Impacts of Global Warming on Species

Dr. Terry Root was interviewed by Ira Flatow on Science Friday about the Impacts of Global Warming on Species. Her part of the show starts in at 14:45. A very interesting interview highlighting some of the key environmental issues for the future. The consequences of climate change on disease distribution are also looked at.

Terry was very supprised and shocked by the enormous impact that 0.6 degrees of of gloably averaged warming has had and frightended for the future where upto 6-8 degrees celcius may occur!

I`m going to see this and in the future and i`m not looking forward to it, i want to know i hellped things somewhat.

Look out for the two final phonecalls from well 'programmed' citisens, that right its just natural variation and its to broad a problem to deal with! Ive heard these views all to often. Also look for how concervative Terry is, she wont talks passionately about her personal views, she is very carefull in qaulifying her viewpoints, whereas the media and most people are very poor at this, it makes for an unfair argument.

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