Saturday, January 14, 2006

Climate Change mitigation broken down into manageable chunks.

I haven't written any feature articles in a while as 1. My computer died and 2. Since its been fixed I've been making a few changes to the site, catching up with CCC-Aberdeen and my online contacts.

My next article is going to be a look at the major pieces that make up climate change mitigation strategies for the future. These pieces include The likes of: Distributed energy systems, increased car efficiencies, cuts in aviation growth etc. In short I will be looking at discrete 'chunks' of progress.

When I first decided to do this one name came to mind, Robert Socolow, of Princeton university who discuses such matters as "wedges" of progress. I will therefore be looking informally at large chunks of progress as well as at the "wedges" approach propounded by Robert.

Climate Change Action

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