Friday, January 06, 2006

Local Action on Climate Change

Aviation is perhaps the least sustainable industry in existence.

Cutting the growth of aviation is the minimum required in order to mitigate the effects of future climate change. The government has consistently failed its citizens in this; its duty of environmental protection. Instead it has followed what the environmental audit committee describe as a predict a provide approach. This strategy will lead to aviation emissions rising sufficiently to"entirely negate" emissions reductions made elsewhere in the UK economy.

As the Tyndall Centre state in a major recent report:

"An unachievable and dominating theme in relation to carbon emissions is that growth in aviation must be dramatically curtailed from both its current level and historical trend"
Bearing this in mind, there are few local projects which can be more worthy of attention than the campaign against expansion of aberdeen airport..

The fact sheet and draft objection letter are here to be downloaded.

My views on aviation may also be of interest.


Climate Change Action

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