Friday, January 20, 2006

Video of the week; Stephen Schneider

The video of the week is a great introduction to climate science. The issue of climate science and the media is also looked at. I must also point out that although a great introduction that doesn't mean there is nothing original in the presentation, i have been interested in climate change for several years i i found it refreshing and interesting.

Stephen Schneider is a professor of biological and climate science at Stanford but actually graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Plasma Physics from Columbia university. He was heavily involved in the Third Assesment Report (TAR) of the International Pannel on Climate Change (IPCC). Schneider is also working on the "Key Vulnerabilitites" cross cutting theme for the Fourth Assesment Report (4AR) now being undertaken by the IPCC to be published in 2007.

Slightly moving off track, I think the 4AR is going to have a huge impact when it is published. The date of publication is not long before the third meeting of the parties (MOP) to Kyoto and bearing in mind the huge advances in science and the increased evidence of climate impacts occurring currently I think it is going to be a far stronger statement than the current standard for climate science the TAR which is a rather conservative document.

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