Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Audio of the Week: Global Warming - Local Warnings (5 Parts)

This week's Audio of the Week is a series of 5 radio shows broadcast by KPLU radio. There are four shows: 1. Climate Change-the debate is over 2. Science and climate change in the north west [USA] 3. The business of climate change-green power opportunities 4. Climate Change-a talk with Dennis Hayes 5. Listener Questions and Comments.

I hope you enjoy the shows and if you do then feel free to support KPLU, they wouldn't exist without donations and this isn`t the sort of programming you often find in the mainstream media.

[A Brief note about the postscript, the postscript is just a few key word that can be searched for. "Climate Change" is in there for google rank but the other terms are unique i.e "AudioA" is only present in audio of the week, not just any post in which i happen to mention audio. So use the search box at the side of the page and find all the audio, video and reports i have featured so-far]

Postscript; Climate Change, AudioA, BusinessA, ScienceA


Climate Change Action

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