Thursday, February 02, 2006

Climate Change Action: Update

Since its inception this site has undergone quite a few changes of concept. Comments on these changes are very wellcome. Ok more directly: COMMENTS PLEASE!

Initially i was writing occasional articles with feature articles every 2-4 weeks. This was hard work and from all the successful blogs i looked at, just wasnt the way things where generally done. Short and organised seems the order of the day.

Now i have started organising posts by keywords 1 or 2 for topic and 1 for content type. Hows the video/audio/report of the week thing going for you?

RSS/Atom feeds + Bloglines+ Bloglet (e-mail subscription) also seem to be important parts of a good blog, and the numbers subscribed one way or another are still modest but increasing all the time. I seem to be getting a fair bit of traffic at the moment...if you are new remember to subscribe one way or another.

Feature articles take a lot of time to compose as i like to research them properly, do drafts etc., but i hope that as a general portal for climate change news and media this website is doing its job. Most of the action has actually moved over to "climate change campaign" where i am involved with the campaign against climate change. Perticular excursions/projects related to this group or others that i am involved with will be mentioned from time to time. (i`m off down to london for a planning meeting on the 11th so expect an update after that).

Climate Change Action

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At 12:32 AM, Blogger Alex Smith said...

Your audio and video of the week, with easy to search special tabs (like AudioA) are really useful. Makes it easy to find and share important info.
Alex Smith

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Calvin Jones said...

Hi alex,glad you like the tabs. I thought these where quite a good idea but the down side of the new site is less original content, as i spend more time writing small posts and linking to other peoples work, whats does everyone think of this?


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