Saturday, February 25, 2006

Climate Change in the News: Who covers it best? BBC,CH4,ITV

All of 2006 climate change was a frequent headline story in the UK, from the entry into force of Kyoto, to the G8 summit, to Katrina and, reaching its peak during December and the Montreal negotiations.

This trend seems set to continue. For those of you outside of the UK I`ll just give you an overview of our broadcasting system. A few years ago there where only four channels, that everyone could easily view. A few people (10% range) also had sky, a satellite system with several hundred channels. More recently digital services have become available for the majority, this combined with the rapid expansion of sky has led to most people having thoroughly multi-channel services.

However the 4 main channels still have the larger portion of market share, these channels are BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel4.

  1. The details of the BBC's climate chaos series can be found here.
  2. ITV is currently carrying out a series of special reports on climate change from around the world, the show is also attempting to offset its carbon footprint so they don't make the problem they are n reporting on worse.
  3. Channel 4 are also doing a series of special reports on climate change for there main news program.

These programs all occur in the context of the BBC's climate change prediction project where you can add you computer to a pool of around 60000 other machines and help with climate modeling. Thre are also a series of programs about climate change on BBC4.

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