Friday, February 17, 2006

News Highlights (6 of 6): Community Activism (save hockey, save energy, carbon offset)

My final of these brief surveys of the blogosphere is a look at community action on climate change. I looked through the 26 RSS feeds i`m suscribed to, picked out the best articles and then grouped them, it turns out that my three favourite articles on community scale action where all from ItsGettingHotInHere a blog iniitially set up for the montreal negotiations but still thriving.

Firstly an interesting story from the University of Colorado who are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025! Lets hope they do it, but more importantly than they inspire some of tomorrows business leaders and politicians about the feasibility of such measures.(continued...)"Not only has UC Boulder already adopted a goal of complete climate neutrality by the year 2025 (how great is that?!) but they continue to press on to make that goal a reality. Students at Boulder are working hard to get faculty, students, and administrators signed on in endorsement of this goal to ensure that it actually does happen. Building up a network of supporters will ensure that the people responsible for fulfilling that promise are held accountable. "

Next, a story from Ottawa, where the Slogon “Save hockey, stop climate change,” is becoming a more and more common sound! This is a great story for the media, firstly because climate change does look likely to sound the death knell for ice hockey and secondly because its a very tangible problem for a popular sport.

“Hockey’s our national sport and I think most people you talk to have their story about when they played in the backyard rink or on the pond,” said Hudema. He suggested that future generations will be denied the enjoyment of playing outdoors. “That’s a part of Canadian history and legacy that’s not being passed on.”

Finally, back to UC Boulder again. This time, students are being encouraged to support the purchase of renewable energy certificates, encouraging the development of more wind power.

"The University Environmental Center has started a new program that challenges individual students to address the global warming impact of their electricity consumption by signing up to purchase individual wind energy credits. The credits would cost $9 per semester to offset half of their electricity use with wind generated electricity and $18 per semester to displace 100% of their electricity consumption...In this way students are being educated about the current solutions to our nation’s energy and global warming problems while at the same time taking action to encourage the construction of new wind turbines in Colorado"

Climate Change Action

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